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Transform YOUR


Transform YOUR


Glute Hamstring Developer sit ups to increase core strength and spine stability at Athlon Fitness and performance in san luis obispo athlete working with a personal trainer in San Luis Obispo doing weighted tire pulls friends hanging out with their personal trainer at athlon fitness and performance

rear foot elevated split squat by a client doing a complex movement to reach his goals quicker Greg Rowan and Wayne Patterson sporting an Athlon Fitness and Performance T shirt at a local charity event pushups for charity two members racing on the rowers to see who has had more training to reach faster results

Kerry Morris doing a push up position row with dumbells working on core strength with a personal trainer in San Luis Obispo two of our personal trainers at athlon fitness and performance with big smiles after finishing the push ups for charity event woman getting a strong back with ring rows in san luis obispo

Lose Weight  –  Trim Body Fat  –  Build Muscle  –  Increase Energy  –  Gain Self-Confidence  –  Get Inspired by Others  –  Get Motivated by Others  –  Fire-up Your Fat Burning Metabolism  –  Learn What, When, and How to Eat  –
Follow a Proven “Program” that Everyone Loves

We provide a number of fitness services for San Luis Obispo County residents, and fit almost any budget!

Semi-Private Training

personal trainers in san luis obispo helping a long term client with a front plank Warren Jensen is one of the many success stories with fitness performance and nutrition councelling at Athlon Dumbell Overhead Press Strong Women working hard to achieve their goals with personal trainers in san luis obispo california Man working with his personal trainer to get results and become fit and strong doing a deadlift

Our most personalized, intimate coaching program… For men and women who want to get the most out of life by reclaiming their lean, pain-free, high-performing athletic body! In this program you can expect highly customized, corrective exercise routines, science-based nutrition planning, and world-class coaching from a dedicated staff of fitness professionals.

Sign-up now for your complimentary, no-obligation fitness and nutrition diagnostic consultation (an $85 Value). During this consult, you’ll receive detailed information on how to get lean, fit and trim that’s tailored to YOUR needs and body.

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Elite Fitness Group Training

Kerry Morris doing a push up position row with dumbells working on core strength with a personal trainer in San Luis Obispo Plyometrics and sport specific speed drills personal trainers working with athletes at Athlon fitness and performance clients doing hammer swings outside on the tire wayne longcrier doing an early morning workout with personal trainers at Athlon Fitness and performance

Get amazingly fast, jaw-dropping, fitness results in a fun, high-energy group of people just like YOU at a fraction of the cost of normal personal training!

Athlon’s Elite Fitness program is UNLIKE like any other gym program on the Central Coast shattering your concept of “gym” fitness.  There’s truly nothing out there like us and you have to experience it to understand. Here’s more of what YOU WILL experience…

  • You’ll develop a ton of self-confidence because you’re training like a high-level athlete and developing the sexy body to prove it…
  • You’ll feel stronger in mind and body when you can successfully progress to more difficult exercises…
  • You’ll watch in amazement as your body starts to show more muscle, athleticism, and skillful control of your movements…
  • You’ll develop a much better understanding of correct nutrition for YOU and the ability to make good choices and cook healthier meals…
  • You’ll make new friends who want to look and feel as good as you because it’ll be obvious to others that you’re making some amazing and positive changes in your life…
  • You’ll watch your clothes get looser and looser, which gives you even greater motivation to stay on the right path of good healthy habits… You can start planning your new wardrobe now!!

Sign-up now for your complimentary, no-obligation fitness and nutrition diagnostic consultation (an $85 Value). During this consult, you’ll receive detailed information on how to get fit and trim that’s tailored to YOUR needs and body.

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Basic Fitness Membership

full spin class designed to increase cardio respiratory endurance and fitness class is designed for all ages athlon fitness and performance encourages its clients to seek help from personal trainers to reach their fitness and performance goals group fitness classes with certified personal trainers instruct classes for all of san luis obispo from young children to elderly or older adults Elderly Yoga class working on Breathing Techniques standing in Tree Pose
Athlon offers a basic “on-your-own-time” fitness membership to our facility so you can have unlimited access, full locker rooms, free towel service and of course, all the unique fitness equipment that makes Athlon the regular choice for real fitness enthusiasts.  At the start of this membership you’ll be enrolled in our Success Program, which includes

  • Two semi-private personal training sessions to develop the perfect program for your goals
  • Specific testing and measurements to track results
  • Physicians communication program updating your health care provider on your progress
  • Two more personal training sessions in our very popular “Elite” Fitness Group Training program above

And you get all of this and more for only $49 per month!  Make no mistake, Athlon is about fitness results and we do all that we can to provide you with exactly what you need to achieve those results.

Schedule a time to meet with one of our staff members for a tour and receive a special VIP guest pass today (local residents only, must be 18 or older)

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Right now! Not later!

Instead of worrying and stressing over how unhappy you are with your health and poor habits – enrich your life with The Amazing Fitness Systems from Athlon!!!

You don’t need any previous exercise or nutrition experience, only a desire to change your body and conditioning and have some fun. We’ve done all the thinking for you… you just have to show up and have fun training with your peers, laughing and joking with our friendly staff, and of course enjoying seeing yourself excel in an exercise program that is going to dramatically change your body for life!

Scroll back up and click on the link of the program of your choice. We’re here to help and as soon as we hear from you we’ll get you started!


How Does Athlon’s Unique Programs Compare to the Other Gyms or Fitness Programs Out There?



All The Others

Our unique 5-point programming simply and effectively breaks down each thing you need to do to see guaranteed results.
Without help and an easy to follow system there is no guarantee that you’re exercising effectively moving towards your goals. Stop wasting your time!
Say Goodbye to Long, Slow, Boring Cardio… and start having fun with a group of like minded people and friendly trainers.
You do the same old thing, it rarely changes, and everyone is just going through the motions.
All the thinking and math has been done for you. We’ve broken it down to simple steps and habits that you can understand and follow. Now just show-up and follow the system!
Rarely do the others have a well thought-out purpose for each and every day, as well as the total training program.
We provide an easy to follow ’10-habits’ nutrition system and sound coaching to get you through it so that you are sure to get results.
Unfortunately, many of the fitness programs out there only worry about fitness and leave-out the nutrition part. Yet this is a huge part of your results!
The Athlon team is a fun, friendly, well-educated group of fitness professionals who are passionate about helping you achieve your goals. We’re here for you everyday!
You’re on your own with the other guys! Good luck!

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What’s the Best Decision You Could Make For Yourself?!

If you’re honest with yourself, you know you need to be doing something more, not just for immediate weight loss and fitness needs… not just because you want to look and feel your best now… but also because the future can be scary and sad if your health suddenly goes south. We’re offering you the chance right now to never have to look back with regret and say, “how did I let myself get like this…”

Here’s What To Do Now…

Simply pick up the phone and call us:  (805) 546-6070 and we’ll schedule you for your FREE diagnostic consultation right away!

Or Submit the Consult Request Form At The Top Of This Page!

…even if you’re at work, or it’s 2 AM in the morning!

Do it right away! Don’t wait!

It’s painless and easy to get started!



On this website,

  • I’ve shown you how we have helped people of every age, ability and background achieve success in their health, fitness and performance endeavors…
  • I’ve revealed how the unique Athlon system will help you succeed not only immediately, but it will help you develop health and fitness habits that will pay off well into the future…
  • I’ve stacked up Athlon against all the other options available to you and shown you why we’re the best choice, hands-down…
  • Plus, I’ve put ALL the risk in trying Athlon squarely on MY shoulders… by giving you the chance to have a free sit-down consultation and trial sessions with a helpful fitness expert… you can try any of our training progressions risk and commitment FREE!

Now it’s up to you. If you care at all about your health, RIGHT NOW and in the future, I urge you to call the number above and find out how we can get started helping you RIGHT NOW.

Warmest Regards,

Ryan Joiner, MS, CSCS
Athlon Fitness & Performance / Athlon Elite