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young athletes training for upcoming sports season train kids for basketball baseball soccer football or running sports at Athlon fitness and performance in san luis obispo with personal trainersathlete working with a personal trainer in San Luis Obispo at Athlon fitness and performance doing weighted tire pullsyoung athlete doing speed and power development plyometric drills increases in agility and coordination for sport specific trainingGlute Hamstring Developer sit ups to increase core strength and spine stability


Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting our website. You’re about to take a HUGE step towards achieving those athletic or performance goals that you’ve been dreaming of.  Athlon offers competitive and recreational athletes the most advanced strength and conditioning training on the central coast.  Unlike other programs that use outdated training methods and tools, we incorporate revolutionary techniques that produce powerful results quickly.  So you can now:

  • Have the confidence that you ARE the best conditioned athlete on the field, court, pool, ring, etc…
  • Perform at the HIGHEST LEVEL in your sport or occupation and take home the championship every time…
  • Rehabilitate or completely avoid those nagging injuries that always seem to set you back in your training…
  • Be the envy of all your peers and competitors because of the ease and gracefulness of your performance…
  • Make any high school, college or professional team because you now have the power, speed, agility and athleticism of a high-level athlete!

Whether your goal is to make varsity, to play in college, or to go pro, we guarantee results that can take you closer to your true genetic potential, and on your way to the next level.



athlete boosting fitness and performance through axial loading farmers carry with dumbells and a weight vest at Athlon's outdoor facilitycollegiate athletes performing field drills with personal trainers training for up and coming season outside of Athlon fitness and performance client doing a single leg rdl with dumbells and the support of a personal trainer in san luis obispo working on fitness and performance at Athlonkids of all ages train at Athlon this one is doing a back squat with the barbell a local athlete setting records as a school meet for high jump personal trainers at Athlon fitness and performance will hold her accountable until she reaches her goals everyday athletes getting a great workout with personal trainers in san luis obipo on Athlon's outdoor patio doing a torso rotation lateral toss with a medicine ball and a weight vest Dave Alles doing a plyo pushup on our tractor tire outside of Athlon fitness and performance


Here’s what a few of our colleagues and athletes have to say about our Sports Performance Programs:



“Athlon has always been on the cutting edge when it
comes to the development of athletes…”Larry Lee coach of Cal Poly baseball team testimonial on the benefits he and his athletes have found with training locally with us


“Athlon has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to the development of athletes, never becoming stagnant in their methods of training.  Being the independent thinkers that they are, they’re able to adapt routines that are sport specific and very effective.  The training environment that is created is one that is intense and productive.  The Athlon Team will not let a day go by that they don’t better themselves in the sports performance field.”

Larry Lee
Head Baseball Coach,
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

“Athlon has improved my performance as a professional athlete.”Scott Lighty in a mixed martial arts match his training at Athlon fitness and performance in san luis obispo has not only helped his speed and power but strength agility and hand eye coordination to fight

“Athlon has improved my performance as a professional athlete, both physically and mentally!  I have never felt better about my well-being and now have a healthier outlook towards not only my career but my goals in life.”


Scott Lighty
Professional Kickboxer & Mixed Martial Artist
San Luis Obispo

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”Jeff Sutton playing a round of golf in san luis obispo county his work with personal trainer at Athlon fitness and performance has improved the mechanics of his swing and stamina to walk the course

“I played golf on Friday. I hit the ball a mile. My swing felt very solid and my body better than ever. Thank you so much, I am seeing the RESULTS. Now I just want more time to play and see the improvement in my game. You guys are doing a GREAT job and I tell anyone who will listen.”

Jeff Sutton
San Luis Obispo

“I had absolutely no idea that I could ever jump five inches higher than last year!”

“I had my league finals meet yesterday, and I did great!  Thanks to my training at Athlon Elite, I won the high jump by four inches (I got a new PR of 5’5″). My goal for the season was to jump my height, which I did. Now, the school record is only an inch away, and I’m hoping to break it next meet.  I also won the triple jump, and I placed third in the long jump.  Thank you so much for training me this season, I had absolutely no idea that I could ever jump five inches higher than last year!”

Cara Vernacchia
San Luis Obispo High School


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Athletes can expect programs from Athlon based on the following:

  • - 1 Multidirectional Speed
  • - 2 Vertical Jump
  • - 3 Strength Development
  • - 4 Nutritional Education
  • – 5 Explosive Power
  • - 6 Metabolic Development
  • – 7 Sustained Power Endurance
  • - 8 Biomechanical and Injury Risk Assessment
  • - 9 Agility and Acceleration
  • - 10 Body Mass Maintenance
  • - 11 First Step Quickness
  • - 12 Recovery & Replenishment
  • - 13 Reactive Ability
  • - 14 Soft Tissue Management
  • - 15 Mobility & Flexibility
  • - 16 Sports Psychology


What’s The Best Decision You Can Make For Yourself?

If you’re honest with yourself, you know you need to be doing something more to keep up with the “stiff competition” out there these days.  Just practicing your sport is not enough!  And trying to follow a conditioning routine you pulled from some magazine is only going to get you hurt and set you back even more. The fact is you need a coach to ensure that your conditioning level is not just enough to make it, but is at a level where you know you’re going to walk into the competition as the best conditioned athlete… and walk off with the WIN.  No questions.

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