An example of anaerobic trainingElevate Your Performance & Unleash Your Anaerobic Capacity!

Anaerobic Capacity = Training for Athletic Performance!

 Whether you’re an athlete, parent or playing co-ed sports…

Imagine needing an instant burst of energy for those split-second sprints, on the field, chasing after your child or helping out a teammate.

This is where anaerobic metabolism comes into play – providing rapid, oxygen-independent bursts of power. 🔥

Anaerobic capacity – your ticket to an enhanced lifestyle.

By training for it, you can unlock improved muscle functionality, accelerate muscle firing rates, and carve out a pathway to athletic supremacy.

Think of it as your passport to elevated speed, strength, and recovery! 🌟

But here’s the plot twist about Anaerobic activity:

As we age, these muscular and neural gains tend to dwindle.


Because we often neglect the specific training required to nurture fast-twitch muscle fibers, the very fibers that save us from unexpected stumbles and falls. 🏃‍♀️

However, that’s not the whole story!

Anaerobic training doesn’t just end with enhanced speed and agility. 🤯

It also charts a course toward elevated aerobic capacity, increased muscle mass, denser bones, and an accelerated daily metabolic rate. ✅

Consequently, it becomes the avenue to a HEALTHIER and LEANER you! 💪

Curious to test your anaerobic capacity?

Dr. Andy Galpin recommends engaging in activities such as hill sprints or ”all-out” stationary bike efforts to max out your heart rate in a mere 30 seconds. Measure the amount of work you can squeeze into that time and then observe how rapidly your heart rate declines.

Ideally, you want to see a 30 BPM reduction – the ultimate target!

Now, as you contemplate this fitness journey, we’ll have you know that at Athlon, we’re your dedicated coaches.

Our exclusive workouts include super-set resistance exercises, sprints, plyometrics, agility drills, and high-intensity interval training – all strategically designed to maximize your time in the gym.

We’re not just trainers; we’re your partners in the pursuit of peak performance! 😁

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