By: Jasmine Pickett

People come to the gym for many different reasons. Some of them are looking to reach a major fitness goal, while others like the social aspect that gyms offer and just want to stay healthy. Whatever your reason for coming to the gym, everyone should be aware of THESE simple gym etiquette principles.

Did I just say gym etiquette?? Yes, gym etiquette is actually a thing! Imagine someone walking into your home, kicking off their smelly shoes, leaving the refrigerator door wide open, and leaving their unclean dishes all over the place… You probably wouldn’t want that person coming over a lot, right? With that being said, gyms deserve the same respect that you would like to receive when people visit your home.

Gym etiquette may be common sense for some, but we all need a little reminder every once in a while. The main idea is to create an environment that is safe and enjoyable for everyone!

Here are 11 easy gym etiquette principles that will make your gym experience much more pleasant:

1. ALWAYS TREAT OTHERS WITH RESPECT: Treat others how you want to be treated…it’s really that simple!

2. BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS AND OTHERS’S PERSONAL SPACE: We know gyms can sometimes get pretty crowded, but it is important to be aware of not only the equipment around you, but other people around you as well. Be mindful of where you are training and try not to block walkways or access to other equipment.

3. SHARE YOUR EQUIPMENT: Don’t be an equipment hog! Nobody likes that so remember that sharing is caring and caring is for all our friends!

4. CHECK IF EQUIPMENT IS FREE FIRST: Always make sure you check to see if anyone is using the piece of equipment you are reaching for or machine you are getting ready to jump on. Again, it just goes back to being aware your environment and others around you.

5. RE-WRACK YOUR WEIGHTS: Please put your weights back in their proper place, especially when working with heavier weights. Not everyone will be able to lift and re-wrack your heavy weight. Sometimes the place that you got them isn’t actually where they go, so placing them in their correct place is very helpful!

6. WIPE DOWN EQUIPMENT: Wipe down all equipment after using it with the designated spray bottles and blue towels. While sharing may be caring, no one wants to share your sweat or bacteria! Help keep the gym and yourself healthy

7. DO NO SOLICIT TRAINING ADVICE: Because you go to a gym regularly, doesn’t necessarily mean you have correct advice about how to train. If you see someone who may be doing an exercise incorrectly or someone who may need help, it’s best to flag down a nearby trainer. Certainly if there is immediate danger, please assist the individual, otherwise leave the training to the trainers :)

8. ASK PERMISSION BEFORE CHANGING TV STATIONS: Please be aware of those who are watching the TVs when you enter the cardio theater. Politely ask if it is okay to change a channel before doing so.

9. KEEP YOUR PERSONAL ITEMS IN CUBBIES OR LOCKER ROOMS: Please keep personal items in a safe and stored place. Lugging your gym bag around or leaving your phone on the floor can be dangerous for you and your stuff!

10. WEAR APPROPRIATE ATTIRE: Please make sure your workout gear is suitable for the gym and the exercises you will be doing. No unnecessary surprises please!

11. HAVE FUN: Gym environments should be fun and inviting. Remember to a great time while kicking butt; make new friends and smile often while reaching your fitness goals!

So, there you have it – 11 easy principles to make your gym experience so much better!

Did we forget anything? If so, please let us know by emailing Jasmine directly with your thoughts:!