Basic Access Gym Membership

Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

Athlon offers a basic ‘on-your-own-time’ fitness membership so you can have unlimited access to our unique, motivating, results-based gym.  There are expert coaches available on the gym floor for when you need help, and we offer locker rooms with all the amenities, all the equipment you would need, and of course, the fun and supportive community environment that Athlon is known for.

Try the Athlon Fitness & Performance Difference

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If you’ve never exercised before, or it’s just been a long time, then our Success Program (included with membership) will get you moving in the right direction quickly. Our coaches are experts at working with new exercisers. 

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Have you hit a plateau doing the same old thing?  Then the specific programming you’ll get from us (included in a basic membership) plus the highly motivating environment will get you to that next level and looking and feeling better than ever! 

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Athlon has become the choice in SLO County for real fitness and performance enthusiasts. We offer access to equipment and training methods (including top-level coaches) that no one else offers. That’s why the local athletes and coaches choose Athlon.

Proven Track Record of Success

Since 2003 we’ve helped over 10,000 SLO County residents achieve amazing fitness and performance results. We’re endorsed by local medical experts and trusted by many high profile athletes from Major League Baseball, the NCAA, NFL, UFC, and PGA tour. 

Where do I start, this gym is what I think about when I think of the perfect gym.  It offers unparalleled convenience, awesome energy, and real knowledge from the trainers who are always eager to help and take time with you.


In a nutshell: Extremely qualified personnel, energetic, enthusiastic and professional. A must, all across the board.


Really enjoy Athlon as a whole. Positive atmosphere. Great trainers who are professional, courteous, experienced and knowledgeable. Personally I have made great progress, safely with the guidance of the staff. I’ve been empowered mentally and physically at Athlon.


Get Started with an Introductory Trial:

Athlon’s Basic Gym Membership costs $61 to $70 per month, depending on length of commitment.  If you’d you like to try Athlon, and you’re local to the area, and have never been an Athlon member, you can purchase a One-week Introductory Membership for only $15.  You must follow the steps below to get that deal:

Step 1- Click the Red Button

This will open the online store with your Trial Membership in the Cart.  Click Check-out and input your email address to start the process.

Step 2- Create Account & Purchase

Input your info into the form and “agree” to the liability waiver, then click Create Account.  Check out and input your payment info to complete the purchase.

Step 3- Come in for a Workout!

Come to the facility and check-in at the front desk.  We’ll show you how to self-check-in for the rest of the trial.  See you soon!

Look, Feel, & Perform at Your Best

Since 2003 the Athlon team has helped over 10,000 central coast residents find the best version of themselves, in our fun and supportive community environment.  We’re endorsed by local medical experts and trusted by many high-profile athletes from Major League Baseball, the NCAA, NFL, UFC, and PGA tour.

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