Cardiovascular Endurance = Better Gains? 🤯

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How so?


Cardiovascular Endurance can help you get better gains!

But first…

What is cardiovascular endurance? 🤔


Cardiovascular Endurance is the efficiency of oxygen exchange in the heart 🫀 and lungs 🫁

Why does it matter for better gains?

Well, it plays a pivotal role in our overall health and fitness.

Furthermore, improving cardiovascular endurance, we can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, ultimately leading to longer and more enjoyable lives.

You may be wondering,

“How can I enhance my cardiovascular endurance?”

Specifically, there are a few methods you can incorporate into your regular exercise.

For example, one most often employed is prolonged jogging, cycling, or hiking.

This particular training approach is known as Low Intensity Steady State Cardio (LISS).  It is instrumental in building cardiovascular endurance.  And to be most successful at it according to Dr. Andy Galpin, Exercise Physiologist at Cal State Fullerton, athletes must focus on posture, proper breathing mechanics, and fatigue management.

Mastering these foundational elements of proper endurance training will not only benefit us on the trail but also in the gym, making us stronger and more durable athletes.

The Path of Efficiency & Inefficiency for better gains

At Athlon we use a method of coaching called the “Path of Efficiency

Basically, there’s a continuum of foundational skills that if done correctly lead to the best movement possible (no matter what activity you’re participating in):

(1) Perfect Form

(2) Dynamic Postural Alignment

(3) Synchronized Respiration

(4) Balanced Tension and Relaxation

These foundational techniques align closely with Dr. Galpin’s principles of endurance. To be successful at endurance training you need to maintain proper posture for movement efficiency.  This also allows for proper respiration which creates even more efficiency.  Then, if you maintain balanced tension/relaxation, e.g., you don’t hold tension anywhere that it’s not necessary for the movement like clenching your teeth on a hard bike ride, you’ll have maximum efficiency and thus will be able to train for longer durations at higher intensities and achieve greater gains.

What does Dr. Galpin recommend?

Dedicating 60 to 100 minutes per week to LISS training, either in one session or divided into two separate sessions. At Athlon we suggest two to three days per week of strength training and then the addition of another 100 minutes of exercise, e.g., LISS. The LISS training can be performed after your strength workout or on your non-gym days.

By prioritizing cardiovascular endurance training and following these guidelines, you can increase your endurance, improve our cardiovascular health, unlock our athletic potential, and according to Dr. Peter Attia, increase your chances of a longer life by six fold!

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