We had a blast this weekend at the Client Appreciation Event!  I can’t tell you how much we appreciate all of you that train (or support the one’s who train) at Athlon Elite.  You are truly a wonderful group of people.

We’re collecting all the photos and videos right now to put up on the blog in the coming days.  But until then check out the "Payback Workout" video that you all put us through and the fun slide show John put together for the event.  It shows Athlon Elite from the beginning stages… some old pictures and some new ones… pretty cool!



By the way, we had two winners of the "Trainer Matching Game,"  Sunny Atchison and Kyle Aber.  They got all eight trainers correctly matched.  Come in to pick up your T-shirts.

The correct answers to the game are now posted on the board in Athlon Elite… come in and laugh again at how ridiculous these trainers are!