I’m sure you’re getting tired of the “health care” debate… Much of it is just partisan bickering, as you know. But, I feel it important to remind people of an important fact that keeps getting left out of the debate (or at least out of the political pundits discussion around it)…
The Affordable Care Act, American Health Care Act, Obama Care, Trump Care… whatever you want to call it… is NOT health care,
It’s “sick care.”
Please don’t let the political pundits disempower you into thinking that your only chance at health is what they decide in congress.
Healthy living, i.e., the things listed in the cartoon above does not come from having insurance. These things, (that we ALL KNOW lead to a longer, healthier life), will not be paid for by insurance.
The scare tactics being used by both sides to convince us that if our nation doesn’t have a certain type of “healthcare” coverage we will NOT be healthy is totally wrong. It’s disempowering and I hope that people don’t get fooled into this way of thinking.
Sure, “health care,” or more appropriately termed “sick care,” is important. There will likely come a time when each of us needs to see a medical provider, and we’ll need help paying for it. I’m not saying we don’t need insurance. I’m saying we have the power, right now, to be “healthier” by practicing a better lifestyle, e.g., regular exercise, more fruits and veggies, better sleep, meditation/mindfulness/prayer, decreased stress, etc. And that continues to be left out of the debate.
The fact is, we need both, “health care” AND insurance. Insurance will care for you when you’re sick, but not create “health.” You have to do that yourself…
Here’s a list from WebMD of the top 10 most costly illnesses in 2015:

  1. Heart Conditions: $193.4 Billion
  2. Diabetes: $176 Billion—Type II accounting for over 91% of this cost
  3. Cancer: $157 Billion
  4. Obesity: $147 Billion
  5. Injuries: $136 Billion
  6. Back Problems: $96 Billion
  7. Joint Disorders: $80.8 Billion
  8. COPD and Asthma: $79.6 Billion
  9. Mental Disorders: $57.5 Billion
  10. High Blood Pressure: $42.9 Billion

All of these conditions are improved (and just might be prevented) through practicing the healthy lifestyle habits in the cartoon above.But that has not been in the debate. It’s the elephant in the room that no one is willing to acknowledge…
If we were to just participate in 75% of the healthy practices in the cartoon above we would make a HUGE change in the cost of “sick care/health care.” Yet, after decades of doctors and health and fitness practitioners preaching this advice (aka fact), our society still struggles to implement healthy changes in behavior.
But I understand. There’s a tremendous amount of “inertia” in behavior patterns making it hard to change (and start practicing health). As we’ve all realized by now, knowing what should be done and actually DOING it are two completely different things…
So to combat this, our team here at Athlon has invested in a strategic partnership with arguably the most successful nutrition coaching company on the planet, Precision Nutrition, to try and start changing this inertia of bad habits.
We’ve always offered great coaching and assistance to our clients in Athlon to help them make positive changes. But, the current model of personal training only allows us to see our clients for a few hours each week (at best). That leaves them alone 98% of the time to try and resist the “inertia” on their own.
With the new program and technology from Precision Nutrition we can now be with our clients every single day (without the normal high costs of face-to-face personal training).
If you’d like to learn more about how this new program at Athlon can work for you to start making better healthy choices and thus changes in your body, click here and request a complimentary consultation to discuss it with one of our coaches.
If you’d like to go it alone, no problem! Just remember, the pundits are not seeing the real picture. Don’t let them convince you that you must have what congress is doling out to be healthy. The choice is yours to make, the power is yours to have.
Until next time,