Posted by Jasmine Pickett, BS, CSCS
We have all heard the saying, “you’re never too old” to do something. People say it all the time, but do they really believe it? Do they find truth in it, or is it just blind optimism? I have certainly seen older individuals, when presented with a challenging task, say, “I’m too old for that,” or “not at my age.” And in some cases the individual may not actually be that old!
The excuse, “because I am too old” really doesn’t hold much weight for me. In my experience, the deciding factor of whether or not you can do something doesn’t rest in how old you are but instead lies in the simple decision to try. It’s amazing how your body responds when you tell it that it can do something.
The hard part for many comes when you make your decision and then have to, well…work for

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Jim Thompson, Deadlifting at Athlon

it! But as the philosopher Nietzsche said, “he who has a why can endure any how.”  More times than not, the fact that you made a decision to do something, and you set it in your mind that you would stop at nothing until it happens, usually is enough to soften the temporary discomfort of the process.
Let me give you a real life example: I have had the pleasure of working with people of all ages as a personal trainer. One in particular, is an 81 year old champ who is up for every challenge thrown his way.
Jim Thompson has had so much success training at Athlon because he makes a decision every time he has a session that he is going to do the workout to the best of his ability. Age is never a hindrance for him. He knows that if he wants to continue living a physically healthy and successful life, he must stick to his decision that he can and will try hard in every workout. It’s just that easy. Train your brain, and your body will follow suit.
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Jim Bench Pressing

Jim has just recently started bench pressing. I asked him when the last time was that he did that exercise and he said never! So, at age 81 Jim made a conscious decision to try a new, challenging exercise and be successful at it. Jim has definitely got the right idea!
So why don’t we stop using the phrase, “I am too old.” Instead, let’s start saying, “I have decided to go for something, no matter what.” If we can grasp this idea the sky is the limit. And that whole age thing… it ain’t nothing but a number!
Here is another amazing story of someone making real fitness progress regardless of age.  Click the play button and watch an encouraging story of this amazing, older gentleman who made a decision to achieve an amazing goal at the age of 104!

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