There’s a 1000 words, eh?!!

Spartan of the Week honors are back online and this week’s honor can only go to Craig Stewart, a man that has endured the highest level of our Burn Program for the last month and now has the results to prove it!!  (and that’s after starting at our lowest level four months ago!)

Craig was a little disappointed earlier this week when he stepped on the scales with his trainer Travis and it showed the same weight as when he started.  Travis told him not to be disappointed and just wait until the results from the body composition (fat) test were in.  Sure enough Travis was right…  later that day he calculated Craig’s body fat to be down 12 pounds and his muscle mass up 12 pounds.  An even trade.

How many of you would like to trade 12 pounds of your body fat for muscle?!!!  That’s awesome and shows you what hard work and dedication to both your Athlon Elite workout plan and your supplement program will get you here.  Just look at the intensity on his face!

Great work Craig, you’re definitely a Spartan Warrior!