Hannah is an amazing addition to Athlon Elite. She has completed 8 weeks of the Elite Performance Camp in Style. She literally outgrew her program in a matter of three weeks. She is a competitive swimmer, and came to Athlon Elite looking for not only a competitive edge, but to also stay healthy and injury free. Hannah started with a max leg press of 225 lbs, and last week she completed 10 reps of that same weight. She has also learned to squat properly on a Bosu Ball, and has gained greater flexibility in her hips. Her increased strength in her hips and glutes will ensure that she stay injury free this season in the pool, and will definitely shed some precious seconds off her 400 IM! Hannah continues to impress all of us here at Athlon Elite, and her progression constantly keeps us on our toes. More then once did she finish a workout and need to do it again because she was simply “that good.” By the way, Hannah just turned 14.
Hannah Andrade is this week’s Spartan, will you be next?