This week’s honor has to be shared…  Jill Victorino and Dave Alles both put forth performances this week that deserve "elite mention."

  Jill has been a member of Athlon Elite since we started, hardly ever missing a workout!  She’s been through our Burn programs, lifting programs, running programs and is now TEARING-IT-UP through our Edge program (probably the hardest physical training program on the Central Coast).  A number of times this week Jill has come in and performed a grueling workout, like 5 sets of 3 heavy deadlifts, 3 rounds of: 40 Kettlebell Swings-30 Bosu Push-ups-20 Shoulder Flys-10 Turkish Get-ups-20 Ring French Presses and a 40m weighted Sled Drag in the fastest time of the day, then returned to work to finish up a big project late into the night.  Amazing!!  Definitely deserving of the Spartan honor!

Dave is deserving for many of the same reasons like completing all of the Edge workouts (and then some), plus "puting his money where his mouth is" and making all the necessary changes in lifestyle to lose 6 pounds of bodyfat and gain 2.5 pounds of muscle in just one month!!!  Yeah, that’s right, and this is no late night "info-mmercial" making ridiculous claims.  I tested him myself yesterday.  Great job Dave!  You and Jill are kicking some serious "tail" in here right now.  Keep up the great work!  We’re proud to have you among the "Elite Spartan" ranks!