Yes, we realize that the possibility of a Spartan warrior coming from Canada is slim to none, but we have found one! Jimmy has been the model of hard work and devotion. We don’t typically give the Spartan status to our Elite Performance Camp Athletes, but we could not ignore Jimmy this week. Not only does Jimmy train 4-5 days a week at Athlon Elite, he also is stretching on a regular basis with a semi0professional dancer. Can you imagine a left-fielder that can run, throw, hit, and do the splits… all in the great state of Kentucky. I know…. crazy!
Jimmy knows that his flexibility will dramatically increase his chance of playing at Minute Maid Park, and we are confident that he is doing the things necessary to make it there. He is also getting stronger in all areas, and has put on a solid 10 lbs.
Nice Job Jimmy. We salute you.