This week’s honor can go to none other than Kerry Pollock, one of our long time and most favorite clients.
I could write a book on all of Kerry’s accomplishments in Athlon Elite, (starting with losing over 10% body fat and going down four dress sizes after just three months of training with us), but today we will only talk about her performance last week in the City to Sea half marathon.

Kerry started training for last year’s half marathon and unfortunately was side-lined with a hip injury that plagued her all the way until July of this year.  However, like the true Spartan Warrior that she is, she didn’t let adversity get her down and she held onto the goal of competing in a half marathon for a full year.  Once her hip healed she was back at it training hard (though much smarter this time) and she prevailed!

Here’s the cool part… she hoped to run with an average mile time of under an 8:15 and maybe get in the top ten of her age group.  She ended up running an average mile time of 7:58 and placing THIRD in her age group!!  Very impressive.  Great job Kerry, we’re proud of you.  Thank you for being part of our team!
Eric Schmitt is one of our trainers here at Athlon Elite and despite having no running training background at all and only training for the race for about 5 weeks he put in an impressive performance and finished 100 overall in the race (not bad considering there were over 1500 people in the race).  Great job Eric!!