Lisa doing a Thruster.

Lisa has been training with us here at Athlon Elite for six weeks now and is doing awesome!  Another example of the success you can have when following our systems… she gets her meals in and at the right times, she keeps under her calorie limits, she takes her supplements and shows up everyday for her workouts… despite having three kids!!  TREMENDOUS!

Here’s some of her accomplishments in only the last six weeks of training:

  • She’s down over 5% body fat!
  • She’s gained 2 pounds of lean, toned muscle, and lost 8 pounds of unwanted fat,
  • A net weight loss of 6 pounds!
  • Her abdomen shrunk 2 inches, and her hips shrunk almost 3 inches!
  • She can now do 31 full sit-ups in a minute and 41 full push-ups without stopping!!

All this in just six weeks…


Here she is training with her hubby, Jay.  Sorry fellas… she’s already spoken for…

Great job Lisa, you’re definitely deserving of the Spartan honor!

Who wants to be next.  Stop waiting around and do it!