This weeks Spartan comes to us originally from the Central Valley, Corcoran/Hanford, California (near Ryan’s home town).  And despite the large influences of agricultural chemicals, alkali dirt and alcohol… he’s actually turned out to be a pretty good guy.  Rhett’s original goal when he came to Athlon Elite was to gain 20 pounds of lean muscle mass and achieve a lean and chiseled body weight of 200 pounds.  Along the way Rhett’s been faced with a number of adversities, from injury to job related problems, and yet each time he’s overcome them and prevailed, almost never missing a workout… that’s true Spartan Warrior spirit!  Rhett is now consistently weighing in at a lean 198 pounds, up 16 pounds!  He’s almost attained his goal (which is not an easy one to do).  Gaining lean muscle mass is very challenging but when you stick to the right plan like he has it will happen.  Great job Rhett.