This was the final week of preparation before the yearly ritual of spring training baseball gets underway. The excitement of spring training this year is magnified for us here since the above group of dedicated professional baseball players spent their off-season training and working on improving their chances at making the big show right here with us at Athlon Elite! They’ve spent hours here, gaining lean muscle mass in our “growth program,” improving power and speed in our athletic programs, and sweating through our preseason conditioning program. This week the heralded honor of Spartan of the Week goes to these seven dedicated professionals whom are sure to have a better season this year as a result of their hardwork and dedication this off-season. Good luck fellas and we’ll see you all next year…
baseball collage
Jimmy VanOstrand
Gary Daley (too pretty to picture above)
Thomas Eager
Matt Canepa
Rocky Roquet
Evan Reed
Bud Norris