We’ve been talking the last couple days about perseverance and having discipline towards your fitness plan and goals… well, how’s this for tenacity?…

John Dane

John Dane is 58 years old and has been trying out for the Olympic sailing team for almost 40 years.  Dane missed qualifying for the Olympics four separate times, each by a few minutes.  He didn’t give up after each loss, he just improved his sailing skills.  It would have been too easy to give up after losing one or two qualifying races.  John Dane took the more difficult route and persevered.

In 1968, at age 18, he arrived at the U.S. Trials in a borrowed Dragon class boat and finished a close second. He sailed more Olympic Trials—in the Soling class (1972 Games), the Finn class (1974) and the Star class (1984)—coming close to victory at each event.  His campaign for the 2008 Games, racing with son-in-law Austin Sperry as crew, finally proved to be his charm.

“Austin’s youth, athleticism and enthusiasm coupled with my racing experience and never-say-die attitude make us a great team,” says Dane.

You can watch him sail with his son-in-law to hopeful victory August 15-20.

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And here’s a cool video of some of their preparation…


I’m sure that John Dane did not do this alone.  I’m sure he had a coach and I’m sure that coach helped him to create his training plan, practice plan, boat mapping… whatever it is that you do in sailing racing that makes you succeed.  If you want to do something right the first time consult a coach or a trainer.  It’s an investment, not a cost! Just ask Dane after what he’s gone through to get into the Olympics… his investment is about to pay off baby!!!