Your post holiday workout for Friday…

Athlon Elite will be closed Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.  However, the health club, Athlon Health & Fitness, will be open from 7 AM to 7 PM and below you’ll all have a workout to go in and do to make up for that “holiday glutony!”

Athlon Elite will re-open Saturday for our normal schedule.  Be sure and log-on and sign up for your session on Saturday.  George doesn’t like surprise visitors!!

Have an amazing, festive holiday with your friends, family and loved-ones.

Day After Thanksgiving Workout

1.  Start with 1 min. of front, side & reverse plane holds (planks)

2.  Then do 3 rounds as fast as possible of:

•    10 walking lunges
•    10 push-ups
•    10 jumping pull-ups (or 60 lb. lat pulldown)
•    10 sit-ups

3.  Rest 3 minutes, then finish with 30 minutes of Cardio

1.    10 min Bike
2.    10 min Stair Climber
3.    10 min Run/Jog

**10 EXTRA minutes of Cardio for every extra serving
**25 EXTRA sit-ups for every alcoholic beverage


Happy Turkey Day!