Take Charge of Your Fitness at Athlon

If you’ve spent any time at Athlon, you’ve probably seen Becky crushing a workout. Her hard work and dedication inspires us and we appreciate her kind words. SHARE this with a friend who could use the motivation!

Athlon takes the time to teach proper technique

Nicole Pazdan talks about why she attends Athlon Fitness & Performance:

You get individualized care, meaning if you are doing something wrong they will correct you. I’ve been to other gyms in a group setting and no one has ever corrected me.”

How To

Key to Better Stamina

Stamina improvements don’t come from improving your muscles, or your heart, etc. There’s something deeper that controls stamina. Watch as Coach Ryan discusses stamina and how to improve it.

Improve Your Hip Mobility

We spend too much time sitting, which affects our hip mobility. The essence of fitness is movement, so tight hips can slow our progress. Here Coach Ryan demonstrates a simple and an advanced technique for gaining hip mobility.

Hip Strength for Running

To be a better runner you need strong hips and core, especially when running longer distances like six or more miles.  Coach Andy gives a few tips and drills to help you develop great strength in your hips and core for running.

Eye drills for better Athleticism, mobility and posture

Don’t neglect training and conditioning for the number one sense in the human body: vision. Here are two drills to improve the functioning of your eyes.

Jazz on Mental Running

Can you improve your running with mental strength? ~ Yes! These tips will help.

How to do the Perfect Pull-Up

Are you UP for the perfect pull-up? Coach Angela takes us through the elements of proper technique and form to get the most out of it. Share this with a friend who could benefit from a free consultation on getting the most out their fitness routine.

Look, Feel, & Perform at Your Best

Since 2003 the Athlon team has helped over 10,000 central coast residents find the best version of themselves, in our fun and supportive community environment.  We’re endorsed by local medical experts and trusted by many high-profile athletes from Major League Baseball, the NCAA, NFL, UFC, and PGA tour.

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