What A Race!!

Did you watch the men’s 4×100 freestyle relay last night at the Beijing Olympics?!  What an incredible finish!  If you missed it you can watch it at the end of this post.

It was one of the most exciting finishes ever!  As I watched it, as well as the rest of the Olympics last night, I couldn’t help but think about all the hard work these athletes have put into their training over the last few months as they prepared for their big moment.  They all have natural talent (more than you or I for sure) but they have also sacrificed and worked hard to develop that talent.  They have stayed disciplined to their program, they have drug themselves out of bed and made it to their training sessions on time, they have avoided the "cheat" foods that they knew would hold them back from achieving their goals, etc., etc.,

And now, guess what… they are reaping the benefits, having the time of their lives! They are reveling in the fact that their discipline has paid off… they are on top of the world!

What are you working hard to develop right now??

What are you training for??

So many of us want something more but when it comes time for the discipline and hard work to achieve it we find an excuse to not follow through.  If the picture above and video below don’t motivate you to push through and strive for your dreams, (your fitness dreams of course), then I don’t know what will.

Get into the gym today and get to where you want to be (on top of the world)!!

(To watch click on the link below then scroll down to the videos and click on the Men’s 4×100 Relay, sorry about the stupid commercials… it’s NBC).