Warren with his Athlon trainer Eric Scmitt

Getting fitness results is never that easy (as many of you know).  It takes work and discipline.

But… it WILL happen with just a little work and discipline.

I want to share with you Warren Jensen's story (our client at Athlon).  He truly is a success story and it all comes down to his willingness to put the work in, his willingness to discipline himself and then some good coaching from his trainer to be sure he follows through on his "willingness."

Here's his story:

  • Warren Jensen
  • Age: 63
  • Home: San Luis Obispo
  • Occupation: SLO County attorney
  • Goals:  Lose 75 pounds, increase strength, endurance and overall work capacity

In just six short months with Athlon:

  • Lost 48 pounds
  • Lost 7.1 inches off abdomen
  • Lost 4 inches off waist
  • Lost 3.5 inches off thigh
  • Blood pressure decreased by 20 points

Here's what he had to say:

“I started my Athlon training at age 63, about 75 pounds overweight, after years of sedentary work and living. I committed to six months, with the hope of making a serious dent in those 75 extra pounds. Ryan predicted that I would make a lot of progress if I followed the program, but I was skeptical of how quickly things could improve.

My trainer Eric designed a moderate diet, involving a switch to 6 meals a day, and provided continual monitoring and feedback that has kept me on track. The exercise regime was carefully tailored to my limited strength and Eric has been careful to make sure he doesn't push me too fast, while steadily increasing the intensity.

I really look forward to each workout and the slow but steady improvements in strength and endurance that I'm seeing. The results on the scale and on the tape measure have been phenomenal – I've lost 48 pounds in about 6 months (1.8 pounds per week) and I've shrunk 7 inches or more in the chest and abdomen!

A lot of credit for my success goes to Eric, who has inspired me to adhere pretty closely to the diet, most of the time. I intend to continue training until I get all the extra weight off, and after that I think I will continue to work on improving strength and endurance. In addition, we are working on improving my balance, something that is built into a lot of the exercises. I am thrilled to see such rapid progress. All kinds of things are getting easier, like stair climbing and lifting heavy objects. My overall energy level is much improved, and I just feel very good about continuing the Athlon Elite program indefinitely."

I couldn't have said it better myself Warren.  Great job!  Keep up the great work.

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Until next time,

Ryan Joiner, MS, CSCS
Owner, Athlon Elite / Athlon Health & Fitness

P.S. We at Athlon would like say THANK YOU to all our veterans out there, including my two grandpa's who both served in WWII.  We can't thank you enough for your sacrifice for our country.  Enjoy this day that is in honor of you!