This is a sweet cardio session that will only set you back about 35 minutes. It will be an intense 35 minutes though, I can promise you that. This workout is designed to be done at your local health club, or in your home if you have a rowing machine, stationary bike, and a place to go run. Enjoy!
Make sure you warmup with 10 minutes of light cardio and mix in some core and light plyos.
1) Row 1000m all out
2) 2 min tempo bike followed by 1 minute all out sprint (3X)
3) Row 1000m all out
4) 1 min bike tempo followed by 30 sec sprint (5x)
5) Run 1/2 mile all out
6) Don’t die.
Have a great day, and remember to buy your daughter a pony. Cheers!