This is the workout we put together for all the victims… I mean participants… down in Manzanilla, Costa Rica earlier this year.  It went like this:

Four rounds for best time of:


  • Run an 800

(Costa Rica translation… "here to that fallen tree down the beach and back.")

  • 20 Pop push-ups

(Costa Rica translation… "push-ups off this dead tree with 6 inches of air")

  • 30 Sit-ups

(Costa Rica translation… "your shoulders better be gettin sandy!")

  • 40 Overhead lunges

(Costa Rica translation… "pic up the biggest log you can find and carry it overhead for 40 lunges")

  • 50 Russian Twists

(Costa Rica translation… "pic up a big rock and twist sitting on the ground, no coconuts!")

 Great job everyone!!  We’ll see you there next year!