Ok, This may seem inhumane, and bordering on torture. It is however, a fantastic short workout, that will push you to your mental and physical edge. It is quite simple. You will need the following equipment to perform the workout:
1) 1 285/75 R16 BF Goodrich Mudder Tire with an eye-hook drilled into it.
2) A pulling harness connected to the tire
3) A 20kg bumper plate placed in the tire (or a 45 lb. weight plate)
4) 400 meters plotted for a course
5) A Serious Amount of Lactic Acid Buffering Capacity.
The workout is simple. Pull the tire around a 400m course. Post your best time below. If you don’t want to get the equipment, come pull the sled with us at Athlon Elite. The record thus far is 4:20. Can you beat that?