Just because you can’t come into Athlon today, (Labor Day), doesn’t mean you can miss your workout.  You have to stay dedicated to truly create body transformation… or keep the transformation you’ve already created.

Set aside 30 minutes and slam through the workouts below:



4 rounds for best time of:

  • 10 Cross-over mountain climber push-ups

       (in push-up position touch your right knee to your left elbow and do a push-up, then your left knee to your right elbow, then do another push-up, repeat)

  • Tuck Jumps

       Jump for maximum height and tuck your knees to your chest while in flight, then land it and repeat without pause

  • 10 T-up Push-ups

       (do a push-up then come up onto one arm in a T position, drop down and do a push-up then go up onto other arm in a T position, repeat)

  • 10 Burpees

       (you know this one… if you don’t just Google it and you’ll find millions of examples!)

  • 20 Prone back extensions

       (lie face down with your hands laced behind your head, extend your spine and lift your chest as far off the ground as possible without lifting your feet, then return, repeat)

  • 20 Walking lunges

       (lunge forward on one leg "kissing" your back knee to the ground, then step forward back to a full standing position, then lunge forward on the opposite leg and repeat)

  • 20 Russian twists

       (sitting on the ground with your feet 6 inches off the ground, clasp your hands together and twist your shoulders as far as you can to one side and touch the ground with your hands, then twist to the opposite side, repeat)

  • 10 Full Sit-ups

       Just like you did in high school gym class (arms across chest, knees bent)


Work hard and get it done early.  Then relax and enjoy your Holiday.

Here’s some pics from us doing the workout yesterday.  We did it in 19 minutes! (and trust me… I hate burpees just as much as you!)

See you tomorrow…